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Burger King always has its way in attracting more customers to come in every single day. Today, this store has another strategy to make loyal customers happy and satisfied. Yes, it is a free burger and soft drinks for those who participate in filling MyBKExperience Survey. We can try to join this event every day so that we get the free foods for some days. The steps that we have to do are easy as all we should do is to answer the questionnaires given by Burger King.

What are Burger King and MyBKExperience Survey?

For our information, Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns launched Burger King in 1954. Burger King is such global hamburger fast food chain that we can find in 73 countries. Today, this fast food chain now has more than 12K stores. One of the best offers from Burger King is an online MyBKExperience Survey. In this case, we can access this survey by visiting After logging in to the homepage, then we can try to fill the questionnaire. Mostly, the questions are about the products and services of Burger King. When we have completed the survey MyBKExperience, we can Win FREE Whoppers complete with BK Coupons.

What are the Requirements for MyBKExperience Survey?

Before we try to fill the survey, we can first prepare some requirements. They are such as:

  • Our recent Burger King Receipt
  • A stable Internet connection
  • A gadget such as a tablet, laptop, or smart phone

What is the Quick Guide For MyBKExperience Survey?

  • In this case, we should go to the online portal of Burger King at
  • Then, we need to put the code printed on our receipt we get from Burger King
  • Start to fill or answer the questions in the survey
  • Once we have done with that, we can rate our experience at MyBKExperience
  • After that, we will get a code that is for validation
  • The last, we can redeem our coupon when we visit Burger King Store

Sequence Steps for MyBKExperience Survey

Step #1: Go to the online portal of burger king MyBKExperience

When we have the internet connection, we have to go online with the address of Then, we need to follow the instruction shown on the website.

Step #2: Put all details asked by the website of MyBKExperience Survey

When we have logged in to the portal of Burger King, we should start to input our details printed on the receipt. They are such as the restaurant code, the date we visited Burger King. Besides, we need to mention whether we have dine-in or carry out visit. For the next, it is important for us to choose Yes/No. Here; we can press yes if we ever gave an order for a child below 12 years old, and vice versa. For a general survey, we can give a rating towards the service we get from Burger King.

Step #3: Get the coupon and exchange it with free burgers and drinks

When we have filled all questions asked in the form of MyBKExperience, then we can claim the coupon and bring it to Burger King Stores to get the rewards.

Alright, those are everything about Burger King MyBKExperience Survey. Have a beautiful day!

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Kohl’s is famous for its store retail chain. Maxwell Kohl built the first supermarket in 1962. Over the years, it can become the second largest retail store in the US. As like other great chain stores, Kohl’s has a special credit card. MyKohlsCharge is the name of this credit card. Kohl’s customers welcome this card warmly. Many people start to apply for this Kohl’s card. The approval is simple. What you need is only visiting Kohl’s web. You can find out the steps to apply for Kohl’s card at  

If you want to have this card, you have to fill out the application form at MyKohlsCharge. Just prepare your personal data as well as your email address. Besides, you have to write down your Gross Annual Income. This aspect will be the determination to approve your credit card application. Then, within a few minutes, you will get the approval. With the application easiness, MyKohlsCharge can attract many customers.

Perhaps, MyKohlsCharge is not the credit card which has the lowest interest. But, it offers 0% annual fee. Besides, My Kohls Charge offers a fantastic discount too. For instance, it provides Yes2You and Kohl’s Cash program. So, what other benefits you can get from Kohl’s credit card? The list of benefits below may attract you to apply for Kohl’s Charge Card soon.

  • Online service.

Through, you can handle all things about your Kohl’s credit card. For instance, you can view the billed and unbilled transaction. Then, Kohl’s also lets you request the increase of credit card line. Besides, you can create a scheduled payment. Requesting the due date change is also possible to do.

  • Credit card offers.

You will be glad since Kohl’s provide 12 offers for you each year. You may get 15% up to 30% discount per year. Besides, Kohl’s Charge gives the great discount for the new holder of MyKohlsCharge. You can get 25% off for your first purchase using Kohl’s Charge Card. Then, you can join Yes2You and Kohls cash program as well. When you receive Kohl’s charge card through the mail, you can get extra 15% discount. With many discounts offered, you can increase your saving.

  • Easy payment.

MyKohlsCharge offers several payment methods. So, the customers can choose which payment mode they like. This way, they can avoid late payment. The payment modes are online, in-store, by phone, and by mail. Each method has the strengths and weakness. So, the customers should be wise to select the way to pay. For instance, the online payment is free of charge. But, some modes of payment have the limit amount of payment. You cannot pay more than $3000 through online, store and phone.

  • Easy card management.

Since MyKohlsCharge has an online portal, the card holder will be easy to manage their card. You can track your transaction and payment history. Besides, you can check the important messages in your account. Moreover, the users can update their contact information. Changing your account password is also possible. Logging into MyKohlsCharge account lets you get paperless statement as well.

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The employee under Nordstrom will require setting the account in the portal associate. If you are the new employee here, steps to register and login will be a help. Even for the new user, the steps are easy to follow. Once you enter the company, you will get the ID to register the account. Why do you need to make an account and register it? A well growth company has large number employees. It means a reliable communication is important. Too tight the relation between company and employee, the postal employee is made. Nordstrom gives the employee chance to be more professional in career. Being in a proper communication and direction will create a professional attitude for the workers. The role of Nordstrom is giving the knowledge for the newcomers. So it gives more understanding for the employee about the task and duty. Indeed, the user will able to access the benefits from the company. So if you are just getting hired, you must do the registration in the portal employee. Of course, it will help you to easier and faster in getting the employment data.

  • How to Login My Nordstrom Employee Account?

Once you join the company, you will get the user ID. You can manage your account and set the information inside it. But you have to register first to the official page of Nordstrom.

  1. First, you must visit the official Nordstrom employee portal page. Open the website at
  2. From the main page, you will see the login form. There you can put the employee ID and password to log in. In the case you get the account already, it will be okay. But if you haven’t the account yet, then make the account first.
  3. Click the “new hires” button on the page. The button is on the bottom of the page.
  4. Then you will move to the following page. You will see the “new user” link in the login area.
  5. After that, you must fill the employee ID. If it is done, click the “next” button.
  6. The portal system will ask you to fill some details. They are the email, phone number, address and so on. You only need to fill the information based on the blank spaces available. Be sure you make the data in the correct way. The personal contact number is a need to fulfill as well.
  7. After that, you have to enter the birth and hire date. It will follow by the security number which is your last four digits.
  8. By clicking the register button, you will finish the register process. If it is over, you can do the login process.
  • The Employee Benefits in Nordstrom Associate Portal.

After you register the account, you can access the benefits from the company. To help the employee, the company offers benefits for its associates. A harmony relation between company and employee is a reliable power. The benefits package is available for the employees. To build a better living, the benefit is important. The typical benefit service is relating to the health issue. Since the health is the crucial issue, it will be valuable for the employee. By using the Nordstrom account, you can access various benefits such as:

  1. The Employee Benefits: the employee will get the discount for online shopping. The discount is about 20% on the Nordstrom stores.
  2. 401 (K) Plan: it is a future benefit that valuable for employees. To secure the employee future, they will get the 401(k) plans.
  3. Health Insurance: as we know that get a healthy life is worthy. If the workers get a good health, the performance will be useful. In short, it will increase the company productivity. That is why health insurance is important for the employees. In some levels, the employee family will get the insurance as well.
  4. Performance Bonus: to make the employee on fire in working, there is reward and gift to get. As the feedback of employee hard work, the company will give an interesting bonus. Indeed, this act will benefit the company to gain the greater job from its workers.
  5. Vacation Paid: for the employee with a certain level of position, they will get this benefit. Take days off for vacation but still get the payment. The employee can use it for two or three leaving for a month.
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