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MyBKExperience – How to Treat Friends with Free Burgers Everyday

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Burger King always has its way in attracting more customers to come in every single day. Today, this store has another strategy to make loyal customers happy and satisfied. Yes, it is a free burger and soft drinks for those who participate in filling MyBKExperience Survey. We can try to join this event every day so that we get the free foods for some days. The steps that we have to do are easy as all we should do is to answer the questionnaires given by Burger King.

What are Burger King and MyBKExperience Survey?

For our information, Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns launched Burger King in 1954. Burger King is such global hamburger fast food chain that we can find in 73 countries. Today, this fast food chain now has more than 12K stores. One of the best offers from Burger King is an online MyBKExperience Survey. In this case, we can access this survey by visiting After logging in to the homepage, then we can try to fill the questionnaire. Mostly, the questions are about the products and services of Burger King. When we have completed the survey MyBKExperience, we can Win FREE Whoppers complete with BK Coupons.

What are the Requirements for MyBKExperience Survey?

Before we try to fill the survey, we can first prepare some requirements. They are such as:

  • Our recent Burger King Receipt
  • A stable Internet connection
  • A gadget such as a tablet, laptop, or smart phone

What is the Quick Guide For MyBKExperience Survey?

  • In this case, we should go to the online portal of Burger King at
  • Then, we need to put the code printed on our receipt we get from Burger King
  • Start to fill or answer the questions in the survey
  • Once we have done with that, we can rate our experience at MyBKExperience
  • After that, we will get a code that is for validation
  • The last, we can redeem our coupon when we visit Burger King Store

Sequence Steps for MyBKExperience Survey

Step #1: Go to the online portal of burger king MyBKExperience

When we have the internet connection, we have to go online with the address of Then, we need to follow the instruction shown on the website.

Step #2: Put all details asked by the website of MyBKExperience Survey

When we have logged in to the portal of Burger King, we should start to input our details printed on the receipt. They are such as the restaurant code, the date we visited Burger King. Besides, we need to mention whether we have dine-in or carry out visit. For the next, it is important for us to choose Yes/No. Here; we can press yes if we ever gave an order for a child below 12 years old, and vice versa. For a general survey, we can give a rating towards the service we get from Burger King.

Step #3: Get the coupon and exchange it with free burgers and drinks

When we have filled all questions asked in the form of MyBKExperience, then we can claim the coupon and bring it to Burger King Stores to get the rewards.

Alright, those are everything about Burger King MyBKExperience Survey. Have a beautiful day!

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